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Content Management System

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What is a CMS

Content Management System (CMS) allows the content manager or author of the website, who may not know HTML programming language, to create, modify, remove and organize the information on their website.

The CMS usually uses a database to store the content and a server-side scripting language to recall and present the data. The major benefits of Content Management System (CMS) are independence from technical user and multiple users can collaborate and work on the website content.

Having a business online and being able to manage it using smart tools as CMS has leveled the playing field so that small business owners can effectively compete with larger companies.

Why choose a CMS?

A static website is hard to maintain, and does not offer functionality which can interact with the users.

On the other hand, a CMS allows easy update of contents and offers a lot more functionality. On the long run, a CMS website is definitely more cost effective than a static website.

The greatest contributor to CMS ROI is the cost savings of not having to pay IT personnel to add and update Web site content.

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