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3 steps for building your new company website
03 May

3 steps for building your new company website

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Singapore is a tax haven in Asia to incorporate a new company with corporate income tax rate fixed at 17% and often, it can be further reduced with rebates and incentives offered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. To set up company in Singapore and going through the process of company formation Singapore is easy and probably the best place in Asia to venture into.

Steps to Set Up Company in Singapore

The company formation Singapore process to set up a company in Singapore is quick, simple, and fuss-free. However, finding and engaging a professional firm to help you to incorporate company in Singapore is required by law for all foreigners looking to set up company in Singapore. Regardless, as long as you have fulfilled all criteria under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), you will be ready to kick-start business operations in Singapore in no time.

If you have incorporated and finished the process of company formation Singapore, congratulations! The next step will be establishing your business’s branding in your target market. A strong branding awareness brings on recognition and familiarity with consumers and eventually achieving brand loyalty. 

However, before working on your newly-founded and incorporated the company’s marketing strategy, it is important to note that you will have to follow the Singapore government’s regulations regarding accounting and tax filing. Especially for new entrepreneurs who have just been through the process to incorporation company in Singapore, it can be confusing to navigate through the many articles regarding tax filing regulations. Therefore, after company formation Singapore, it is pivotal for new business owners to find a professional corporate services provider who can advise them on such matters.

In this age of digitalization, a well-designed web is a crucial element of marketing presence for a newly set up company. Below are the 3 main reasons why good web design is important to the success of newly incorporating a company in Singapore.  



Company branding


A good web design is often a key aspect in raising awareness for a company’s brand, especially after finishing the process of setting up a company in Singapore. When a company’s website is attractive and unique, it will leave a positive and lasting impression on visitors who can be potential customers. Having a pleasant and interesting web design will also keeps them going through your website and in return, they get an enjoyable experience while understanding your products and/or services. Your website could be the very first place where you build your customer relationships.

A well-designed website also helps a company to stay ahead of the competition especially when it comes to choosing products or services. A functional and well-designed website with interesting and informative content will positively affect the customers’ purchase decisions. Thus, good web design is the customers’ first impression of your brand, potentially converting casual browsers into your customers.


Let your business and information be available 24/7 

An online presence provides access to both customers and potential customers at any time of the day. When you are closed for the day, your website will be the place where visitors get to learn more on your business and products offering at potential customers can literally learn more about a particular products or services, or even about your company story such as the journey to set up and incorporate a company in Singapore. Hence, even after working hours, your website will be working to bring more sales leads to the company. 

Other than local presence, the website is also an effective sales tool that can help the company establish its presence globally and expand customer base from all over the world. At Oasis Web Asia, we will help you to design your website to be convert sales and leads while communicating your company style and culture.



Responsive web design as more and more people are using mobile devices for search

However, with just a well-designed website is not ample for growing business. With constantly improvising technology, it is also important that your website is responsive and compatible with all type of devices such as smart phones, tablets over different operating systems. A responsive web design would be one that is able to respond to visitor’s browsing behavior and devices used. Usually, due to a difference in screen size, operating system and even browser’s preference, your web design may not work effectively on one compared to another. It is important that the website is enhanced and optimized to be able to adjust to the resolution, functionality etc when the visitors switch from one device to another. 

Apart from functionality over different platforms, a responsive web design will also involve providing customers or potential customers an instant platform to send their queries and/or provide feedback on the products or services. Typically, a responsive website would include a call-to-action section or a instant chat function to communicate with visitors without going through the hotline and even after working hours.


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