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10 Mar, 2019

Case Study of Terminal 4 Openhouse

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Oasis Web Asia was tasked to develop the Terminal 4 Openhouse Web & Mobile Solution to serve more than 200,000 visitors. Here is a preview of the solutions that we have developed during the 14 days event.

02 Jul, 2018

Is Responsive Website Good?

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If you want to keep up with the latest changes in the search engines, it’s important that you know where we are and where we’re going next.

23 Jun, 2018

Oasis Web Asia is featured on Channel News Asia

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Oasis Web Asia is being interviewed by Channel News Asia to as one of the leading web development agency in Singapore

17 Jun, 2018

What is Hadoop? - An Easy Explanation For Absolutely Anyone

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When you learn about Big Data you will sooner or later come across this odd sounding word: Hadoop - but what exactly is it?

25 May, 2018

Wanting a Digital Marketing Agency?

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As a business owner, you don’t have the time or resources to train yourself on marketing in the digital age—and you shouldn’t even try. Even the most capable business owners can’t be their own marketing experts—they need a full-service digital marketing agency.

24 May, 2018

is SSL good for SEO?

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Let’s start with the basics. The “s” at the end of the “http” part of a URL means the website is secure. HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security),

29 Apr, 2018

Web consultant Vs Web developer

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Two competing business owners, Luther and Eileen, are looking to grow their companies with a new marketing platform on the web.  They both have the same vision in their head about how the platform should look and what results they should expect over the next few years.

27 Mar, 2018

Web Development Trends in 2018

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In web development, the saying “The only constant is change” seems to be industry-defining. Web development is changing every second and 2018 will be no different.

26 Mar, 2018

A designer’s guide to color and emotion

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We’re able to see different colors because of our retina’s innate ability to differentiate frequencies of light waves.

06 Mar, 2018

Oasis Web Asia is featured on Asian Entrepeneur

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Simon Yap is in the web design business. His company Oasis Web Asia provides web and app development for clients across the globe.

30 Jun, 2015

Oasis Web Asia win Promising SME 500 Award

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(Singapore) – Oasis Web Asia with illigo Pte Ltd was voted as one of the top most Promising SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) in Singapore for year 2015. The PSME 500 Awards is a campaign organized by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA) which recognizes business success and excellence.

22 Jun, 2015

Oasis Web Asia wins a Bronze Award at the Marketing Excellence Award

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Oasis Web Asia with illigo Pte Ltd have received a Bronze Award at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2015 in the Excellence in Mobile Excellence category.

21 Mar, 2018

Do you know how much does the development of a website cost in 2018?

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Websites are classified into four categories which will help you understand better about variation in the pricing.

17 Mar, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Choose PHP for a Web Development Project

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PHP is favoured by web developers worldwide because it offers them the breadth to create highly interactive and intuitive websites and web applications with simple execution.

When you say dynamic and interactive, the first word that strikes a seasoned web developer is PHP. This versatile server-side scripting language has all the proprietary scripting language offerings available absolutely free of cost! Here are five reasons to convince you that PHP is the best language for your web development project.

15 Mar, 2018

An Introductory Guide To Business Insurance For Designers And Developers

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At some point in your career, most web designers and developers can relate to issues with scope creep, unexpected project delays, client relationships breaking down, and unpaid invoices. The good news is that there’s an insurance policy to help with these scenarios. In the UK, we call it “professional indemnity insurance.” Elsewhere, it can be called “professional liability” or “errors and omissions insurance.”

11 Mar, 2018

5 Ways to Spark New Mobile App Ideas in Your Mind

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Ever came across the scenario, when you need some great ideas right away, but your mind just goes blank? If yes, then this is the universal issue.

12 Mar, 2018

Should You Have Content or Design First?

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While hiring an agency to make the official website for your startup, the question arises on the order of priorities of events.  Sure, if you’re a technology guy with advance knowledge of coding, programming

21 Dec, 2016

6 ways to let your users customize their own ux

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“I am consumer, hear me roar!”

That’s a thing I actually wrote once, un-ironically, in a text conversation with a friend. I was looking for a product that would allow me to perform a particular task in a particular way.

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