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Why you need a web maintenance contract in 2021
28 Jan

Why you need a web maintenance contract in 2021

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If you have an existing or just launched website that you worked on with your agency for many months, what do you do next? Do you leave it there until you decided to revamp it many years later? Let team Oasis share with you the importance of a web maintenance contract.

Your website is an investment and it should be regularly maintained like your car. It requires consistent monitoring for malware, updating of the web plugins, and optimizing for page speed to operate at its best. A website maintenance plan is required to help your business to keep it running online and draw in new customers.

What is a Web Maintenance Plan

A web maintenance contract is an ongoing plan to maintain and support your website offered by your web developer or web agency.

Why a Website Needs Ongoing Maintenance?

Here are a few points that your websites will need ongoing maintenance


If your website is not being updated on a regular basis, it is easily prone to hacking. The most common reasons for the hacks include

  1. Vulnerable Plugins and Themes
  2. Misconfiguration
  3. Lack of maintenance on updating the CMS, themes, and plugins

Continuous Improvements

The web developer will be able to assist you with adding new pages or adjustment of pages in your website.


In the event that your website crashes due to an unknown reason, you will need a fast response. Your web developer who is familiar with your website will be able to resolve the issues and bring it back online fast.

Summary - Get a Web Maintenance Contract

Team Oasis advises a company to get a maintenance contract running to keep your business healthy online. Make sure when you launch a website, the web maintenance contract covers

  1. The fees for renewal of your SSL, domain name and email/web hosting,

  2. Security updates of your content management system and server hosting updates, housekeeping of files and data

  3. Provides man-hours support to continuously improve your website content and technical functionality.


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