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How to sky rocket sales with a Mobile Customer Loyalty App
26 May

How to sky rocket sales with a Mobile Customer Loyalty App

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Customer loyalty is an important focus for the success of every business. If a company just providing high-quality services or selling good products is usually not good enough. People want to get rewarded for their dedication to a particular brand, so companies need to develop customer loyalty programs. 

Today, a mobile loyalty app is a much more effective way to increase customer engagement and, thus, seal more deals. What companies can benefit from customer loyalty solutions?

Well, we would say that all companies related to resale, retail, and also companies that offer off-line services like laundry, house cleaning, transportation, etc. In this blog post, we’ll explain why developing a mobile app should be a mandatory part of your loyalty program.


How mobile apps benefit loyalty programs

Building trustworthy relationships with customers is a long and rather complex process. In most cases, modern buyers have a wide choice of similar products or alternative service providers.

As a result, as many as 70 percent of customers will likely choose another brand after just one disappointing experience.

Think of your shopping experience with lazada and shopee recently.

Did you encounter slow payment in one of the platform, immediately jump to another marketplace app to buy your product and never came back?

For this reason, most customer loyalty programs are aimed at strengthening connections between a company and its customers.

It is proven that the sales from loyal customer is as high as 80% of the total revenue.


How to develop a customer loyalty app

If you’ve decided to invest in your custom mobile loyalty application, the first thing you should start with is research.

You need to explore the market, see what solution your competitors offer, what options and approach to customer experience those solutions have. Once you’ve done it, you will be more or less aware of what you want to add to your own app. 

You may get inspired and come up with an idea to create your own referral program, bonus system or a unique option that all of your competitors lack.

We must admit, the research is quite complex and time-consuming, so you may even consider delegating it to your development  team. This is a totally normal practice that guarantees the best results. 

Our certified in-house consultants at Oasis Web Asia will be able to design proven loyalty campaigns with experiences from Mummys Market, Cellarbration, Collin and Lady M.

Our forte includes design the long term strategy in the loyalty app with the idea of unified commerce in place like the concept of Starbucks. We are able to assist you apply for a grant with up to 80% to help in your business transformation process.

In Summary

Building a custom mobile app is the best way to implement a loyalty program in practice.

It will encourage people to purchase more, help you re-design the customer experience, build a strong relationship with every customer, and constantly stay connected with your buyers. 

Team Oasis recommends to build a loyalty app that integrates with professional CRM platform like Memberson, Poket or Ascentis as they provide one source of truth.

Avoid mobile app development agency who build the CRM themselves in the app as there are reports of loss of revenue and huge PR crisis due to mis-designed loyalty app.

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